We are so grateful for the support of our Corporate and Community Partners who are committed to the success of the students in the Renton School District. Together we are helping make a difference in every classroom for every student every day. Corporate and community sponsors provide crucial funding and we could never do what we do without them. Your generosity allows Renton Schools Foundation to fulfill our mission to increase and enhance educational opportunities for all Renton School District students.

Thank you to our Sponsors

Corporate Donors, 2020-2021

  • Allied Arts Fund

  • Amazon

  • American Floors

  • GiveBIG

  • GP Realty

  • Integrus Architecture

  • King County Community Grant

  • Melrose Grill

  • Network for Good

  • Perkins Coie

  • Puget Sound Energy

  • Raikes Foundation

  • Randy Rockhill Student Instrument Music Fund

  • Reeder Family Fund

  • Renton Chamber of Commerce

  • Renton Flower Shop

  • Renton Orthodontics

  • Renton Rotary Caper

  • Schwab Charitable/Miller & Nail Fund

  • Steve & Marcie Maxwell Family Fund

  • Target Corporation

  • The Boeing Company

  • Torero's Mexican Restaurant

  • Vanir Construction

Individual Donors

Norm & Carol Abrahamson
Khadija Ahmed
Erica Anderson
Jeannie Anderson
Shawnte Anderson
Amy Arensberg
Brenda Arroyo
Jim & Char Baker
Vanessa Barut-del-Fierro
Rep.Steve & Dr. Avanti Bergquist
Tamara Berndt
Matthew Bissen
Marcelo Bolivar
Laura Brent
Pam Breske
Kimberly Brokaw
Mac Brooks
Fredrick Brown
Kiara Buechler
Anthony Bufort
Karin Bunker
Vito Burnashev
Gabe Burnett
Heather Burris
Chris & Geri Carlson
Brandi Carnes
Amber Carroll
Raquel Carss
Thomas Caudle
Jessica Chen
Stephanie Chin
Meghann Clark Webb
Richard Clarke
Theresa Clymer
Mary Colasurdo
James Counsell
Elizabeth Curry
Garrett & Evelyn De Cerce
Cathy Dean
Linda DeCample
Linda DeCample
Arash Dehghan
Shelli Dennis
Lynn  Desmarais
Steve Dewalt
Ellen Dorr
Mary & Todd Duncan
Megan & Brian Dunstan
Chris Duvall
Siv Eng
Bob Ettinger
Mollie Ewing
Yue Fang
Matt Feldmeyer
Stephanie Fife
Rebecca Flaherty
Alexis Fleming
Talida Fodorean
Patricia Freund
Barb Fujita
Jean Garber
Calvin Gasaway
Betsy Gayte
Amy George
Abdu Getu
Delores Gibbons
Nicholas Gibson
Dick Gidner
Lita Gill
Scott & Elaine Goddard
Dave Goldy
Dick & Jan Gram
Amy Grandstrom
Jessica & Bill  Granger
Ann Green
Andrew Greene
Kyle Grubbs
Gary Hamatni

Dan Hammes

Paige Hanley
Tim Hansen
Roxanne Hanson
Shannon Harvey
Marjorie Hastings
Michael Hauer
Elizabeth Herbold
Debbie Herrington
Annie Hetzel
Jo Hillyer
Hallie Homind
Emily Hopkins
Brian Hoskins
Thomas Howley
Ji-Hyun Hwang
Marina Ionova
Amy Iwasaki
Todd Jacobs
Brian Johnson
Laura Johnson
Jenny Kariuki
Chelsea Kearns
Michael Kittrell
Marlene Knox
Aleta Konkol
Amanda Kotchon
Clinton Kurtz
Betsy Kusuma
Lisa Lam
Rebecca L'amour
Kaitlyn Lautman-Spore
Denis Law
Ellen Lawson
Hai Le
Khann-Ly Le
Bruce & Marian Lee
Rod & Susan Leland
Jay Levias
Mark Livingston
P Lobalzo
Rachel Lockhart
May Ly
Grigoriy Lyukshin
Heather Maddox
Colin Malone
Leah Manangan
Preeti Mangla
Lori Mar
Timothy Mauery
Erin Maxwell
Michael McCarron
Toby & Jamie McGinnis
Nicole McHale
Ryan & Stefanie McIrvin
Veronica McKinney-Collins
Douglas & Theresa McLean
Craig McMillen
Sonja Mejlaender
Amber Mennillo
Susan Mitcham
James Mitchell
Daniel Miyamoto
Andrew Mo
Dr. Quinton Morris
LeAnne Moss
Monica Nemes
Anh Nguyen
Lan Nguyen
Long Nguyen
Phuong Nguyen
Jeremiah Nonis
Nicole O'Brien
John Oliver
Rhoda & Ko Osada
Staci Ottele
Lisa Palmer
Christina Park

Samir & Shivani Patel
Damien & Mary Pattenaude
Armondo Pavone
Christine Pernula
Edith & Thomas Petek
Greg & Sherre Piantanida
John Placides
Amanda Poch
Jim & Joy Poff
Sandra Polley
Rebecca Posten
Tamra Prince
Athina Psomos
Catherine Punsalan
Sathiskumar Ramamurthy
Genevieve Ramsey
Jojie Razon
Ed & Anne Rittenhouse
David Robinaugh
Judy Rogers
Marilyn Ruiz
Mark Santos Johnson
John Schmitz
Bob & Judy Schroeder
Bryon Schultz
Pamela & Danny Scott
Shelby Scovel
Shrounda Selivanoff
Sally Sheck
Suraj Shetty
Moe Sial
Jerry & Kathleen Sidwell
Kea Simental
Kendra Simmonds
Greg & Sandy Simmons
Cassie Smith
David Smith
Jessica Smith
Jocelyn Smith
Kevin Smith
Kristina Smith
Shauna Sobel
Vidha Srinivasan
Jean  Stearns
Kayla Steckler
Andre Stemm-Calderon
Tanya Suarex
Jim Sullivan
Tantra Tanzil
Michael Teal
Mike & Pam Teal
Sadie Teal
Manish Thareja
Holly Megan Thompson
Sojin Thompson
Debra  Tito
Phuong Ton
Todd Tracy
Yisroel Treitel
Angela Troy
Mason Truong
Scotty Tymczyszyn
Tracey Tymczyszyn
Kim Khanh  Van
Drucilla van Avermaete
Rachel Vance
Vernon Vanpoucke
Chris Villasenor
Joyce Walters
Linda Whorley
Sean Wilson
Heather Winfrey
Roger & Marlene Winters
Michael Wodnick
Carrie Wong
Garmany Yeager
Andrea Yoon

Employee Donation Challenge

Laird Norton Company employees support Lakeridge Elementary School Library!

Thank you Jeff Vincent and the team at Laird Norton for your continued support of Lakeridge Elementary School. Every year, Jeff challenges the employees to donate to a fund that specifically supports Lakeridge Elementary, with the incentive of seeing him dress up as Buddy the Elf once a certain level is reached. This year’s donations were used to support Lakeridge’s library and literary efforts! If you or your company have a specific school or program you would like to support, please let us know. 

"Laird Norton’s continued support to grow our library is amazing! Our students have already created lists that include 2 things they think our library is lacking (and they’re right!): books that include protagonists of color and graphic novels. In addition, the library could also use an influx of current non-fiction texts and books in multiple languages that parents can use at home."

- Lakeridge Principal

Nikki Aga

Deborah Boston
Kathie Briggs
Debbie and Henry Brown
Andrew Clapp
James Ellis
Susan Garske
British Getzendanner
Matthew Hill
Danny Howe
Margaux Karagosian


Marina Kifa
ChiEun Kim
Bill Lewis
Stella Llewellyn
Audra London
Brian McGuigan
Karyn McKelvey
Cadence Miller
Nathan Moe
Angie Montijo
Jake Okleberry
Catherine Osgood

Joseph Phelps
Jennifer Polson
Emily Powell
Bruce Reed
Jim Reinhardsen
Melissa Sorentino
Bethany Stanton
Timothy Taylor
Jeffery Vincent
Sabrina Wootek 

Anonymous (2)

Champion Level - $10,000  
The Boeing Company
Kaye-Smith & Alex Smith

Ambassador Level - $5,000
Cornerstone General Contractors

Leader Level- $2,500
Bellevue Sunrise Rotary
Mary Alice Heuschel

Motivator Level - $1,000
Greene Gasaway Architects
Metrix Engineering
Renton Principals Association
Renton Technical College Foundation
Roger & Marlene Winter

Achiever Level - $500
Brent Planning Solutions
King & Bunny’s

Encourager Level - $250
Sojin Thompson


Teacher Grants
Ignite Innovation

Our Teacher Grants Program supports innovation in the classroom. Thanks to the generous donations of supporters like you, since 2016 Renton Schools Foundation has provided 100 Teacher and Support Staff with direct grants totaling more than $69,000 for use in the classrooms to support student learning!

This fall we are focusing on raising funds for Teacher Grants. Your donations between now and  September 30, 2021 will go right back into the classroom, Igniting Innovation through Teacher Grants.


Through the support of sponsors like you, we are able to make an impactful difference for the 15,500+ students in the Renton School District.

With your sponsorship, Renton Schools Foundation provides additional funds for STEM programs, Literacy, Music & Arts and Teacher Classroom Grants. These opportunities provide our students that extra boost, keeping them engaged and dreaming of their own futures.

In response to impact of the COVID pandemic, we have expanded our funds support to include student internet connectivity during the 2020-21 school year, helping fund student mental health services and provide principals’ access to urgent need funds at our highest at-risk elementary schools. Your Sponsorship makes all this possible. 

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