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Helping Students Create!

Music Programs

Did you know March is National Music in our Schools Month? During March, we target and raise funds for specific music needs identified by the Renton School District Music Teachers.  We call our fundraising campaign March is Music Month.

We are deeply committed to supporting Music and Arts in the Renton Schools.

2021 March Is Music Month
Thank You to all our supporters!

$1,000 - $2,500
Allied Arts of Renton
Reeder Family Fund
Randy Rockhill Student Instrument Music Fund
Debra Tito

Greg & Sherre Piantanida
Renton Schools Foundation Fund @ the Renton
Renton Regional Community Foundation
Mike & Pam Teal


Jim & Char Baker
Amy George
Ann Green
Brian Hoskins
Rod & Susan Leland
Steve & Marcie Maxwell Family Fund
Dr. Quinton Morris
Gregory Simmons

Geri Carlson
Megan Dunstan
Chris Duvall
Mollie Ewing
Jean Garber
Calvin Gasaway
Daniel Hammes
Dawn Husmoe
Denis Law
Bruce & Marian Lee
Sonja Mejlaender
John Oliver
Shivani Patel
Jim & Joy Poff
Vera Risdon
Shelby Scovel
Jerry & Kathleen Sidwell
David Smith
Jim Sullivan
Sojin Thompson

Up to $100
Shelli Dennis
Mary Duncan
Jane Hashash
Jenny Kariuki
Mark Livingston
Staci Ottele
Kristen Severud
Vernon Vanpoucke
Sam Vergara

Since 2013, your generous donations have supported students in the Renton School District Music Programs.  Here is a list of some of the things we have accomplished together:

  • Sheet Music for band, orchestra and choir

  • Digital keyboard labs in two of our high schools

  • Tubas for all band programs

  • Purchased new instruments for both band and orchestra

  • Paid to repair instruments

  • Band and Orchestra supplies

  • Tubano Drums

  • Rhythm Sticks

Our goal is to provide fulfilling musical choices for our students!

Arts Programs

Renton Schools Foundation understands the importance of Drama and Visual Arts in education. Your donations have supported students throughout Renton School District Arts and Drama Programs.  Here is just a quick glance at a few of the programs we have had a hand in supporting:

Lindbergh High School Stage Performance of Seussical the Musical

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