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Meeting Student Urgent Needs

The Principal's Emergency Fund fills an important resource gap for principals and educators looking to quickly meet low-income students’ urgent basic needs such as clothing/shoes, public transportation or even minor repairs to a family’s personal vehicle, eyeglasses and prescription medication for students, fees for school extra-curricular programs, temporary housing for families, and more. The fund was founded in November of 2021 and launched in six Renton School District elementary schools.

Principal's Emergency Fund in Action

We thank Bob and Kerry Hodges for their generous support as founders of this program. As a retired principal in the Olympia school district, Bob saw how impactful this fund is and explains “Often principals, teachers, counselors, and other support staff are the first to identity that a student has unmet needs. This fund will remove common barriers and allow students to focus on learning, maximizing their full potential.” Bob grew up in the Skyway area and graduated from Renton High School in 1971. 

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