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Post-Secondary Education

Supporting Students' First-Hand College Exploration

Post-secondary exploration can often be limited for many of Renton School District (RSD) students. However, the RSD recognizes that in order to make those crucial post-high school decisions, it is critical to give students meaningful first-hand experiences of what they can expect when they attend a college or university.


Renton Students Tour Florida A&M University as part of their multi-state tour of Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

Renton School Districts' Post-Secondary Experiences provide students an opportunity to physically walk in their opportunities, whether that is exploring campuses at the far reaches of the Washington State border or participating in programming like the HBCU Delegation or Native Hawaiian Group, where they explore institutions across the country, exposing them to culture, history and real-world experiences.

The goal for the Renton School District Post-Secondary Experiences is to increase students' awareness and access to programs and opportunities outside the greater King County area while also decreasing the anxiety of chasing dreams out of the safety and comfort of "home." Renton Schools Foundation is proud to partner with RSD in making these experiences possible.

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